Develop Your Story

It’s time to write your professional bio and you don’t know where to start, how all of your experience fits together, or you simply struggle when sharing your own story.

The gift of storytelling is a powerful tool (that not everyone has - so it's totally fine that you're here)! It allows you to share your particular experiences, skills, goals, and ideals in a way that is easy to relate to and understand. Believe it or not your story has many layers. With your help, we will craft a gorgeous story that shares the layers of your why, who, what, and how!


Developing your story will also include 4 variations (all used in different professional and industry settings); your full story, your website/personal bio, a "screenshot" bio, and your "I AM" statement. 

We will also create your social media bio, if needed.

As a business owner, you are asked to talk about yourself at almost every turn! Let's take make sure that you are able to confidently and consistently share your true and authentic story in every setting.


Note: Time slots are reserved for CST (US Central Standard Time).


Tell Your Story

  • Story variations are delivered 14 business days after your session